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Unlocking Yes

Sales negotiation is eternally and constructively tied to consultative selling. So, we must always be very mindful of the power and strength of long-term, trusted, businesses relationships. Armor-piercing questions in their various forms must not be seen as anything other than a positive risk tool used to clarify our bargaining position and that of our negotiation partner.

Perpetual Hunger

Sales Prospecting is sustenance for any business, where growth is required and account turnover is nothing more than a fact of life. Sales Prospecting is the precursor to consultative selling and sales negotiation. These three sales disciplines are permanently bolted together and reliant on each other. No company owns a piece of business in our 24/7, global world of unrelenting competition.

The Bonus Round: Corporate Sales Lessons & Strategy

The corporate sales world is a fascinating place. It is big, bold, challenging, mind-bending and one of the most fun environments to sell in of all. The reason the corporate sales world is different is because it attracts the brightest minds from all age groups. Think of corporate sellers as elite athletes because all of the same practice, focus, persistence, resilience and professional conduct: mirror major sports. Only the best in corporate sales get to raise the trophies and huge bonus payouts.

Bring Your Customer into the Loop: Inside Secrets

In this episode, Cris welcomes Patrick Tinney, the founder and managing partner of Centroid Training and Marketing. With over 30 years of experience in sales and management, Patrick has concluded multi-million dollar media sales and negotiation solutions for many of Canada’s largest advertisers.

As an author of three sales books, Unlocking Yes, Perpetual Hunger, and The Bonus Round, Patrick shares his extensive knowledge of sales and business negotiation techniques and trends. He is also a frequent contributor to online and print business journals, and is one of the most sought after sales and negotiation podcast guests in the market today.