Nothing Stops Me: Sales Success from Adversity

Nothing Stops Me is dedicated to all of those in sales who took a road less traveled. This group, who joined the world of sales, did so to make a difference. They have this need to help others while finding their place in the world. They are an unusual group, because they pull everyone along with them. They do things others will not. They invest in themselves with great sales books and self-improvement programs. They praise great work when they see it. They mentor. They will rip the shirt right off their back, if it means someone else gets a fair shake. They break new ground because nobody is looking there. They lift those behind them. They honour those whose shoulders they stand upon. They see sales as a noble craft. This book is dedicated to those in sales who took the road less traveled. These sales professionals embrace positive risk to turn adversity into rocket fuel. Their mindset is? "Nothing Stops Me."

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Unlocking Yes

Sales negotiation is eternally and constructively tied to consultative selling. So, we must always be very mindful of the power and strength of long-term, trusted, businesses relationships. Armor-piercing questions in their various forms must not be seen as anything other than a positive risk tool used to clarify our bargaining position and that of our negotiation partner.

Perpetual Hunger

Sales Prospecting is sustenance for any business, where growth is required and account turnover is nothing more than a fact of life. Sales Prospecting is the precursor to consultative selling and sales negotiation. These three sales disciplines are permanently bolted together and reliant on each other. No company owns a piece of business in our 24/7, global world of unrelenting competition.

The Bonus Round: Corporate Sales Lessons & Strategy

The corporate sales world is a fascinating place. It is big, bold, challenging, mind-bending and one of the most fun environments to sell in of all. The reason the corporate sales world is different is because it attracts the brightest minds from all age groups. Think of corporate sellers as elite athletes because all of the same practice, focus, persistence, resilience and professional conduct: mirror major sports. Only the best in corporate sales get to raise the trophies and huge bonus payouts.

Centroid Customer Testimonials

We are humbled by the kind remarks, endorsements and testimonials made by our customers and we are pleased to share them with you.


Training Related Testimonials

Patrick Tinney, has delivered several Business Negotiation Programs for KPMG. Most recently he delivered a live streaming Pan-Canadian Training Program to our TAX Practice, SR & ED Team. He goes out of his way to understand our business. Patrick is an expert in the area of business negotiation. I can easily recommend Patrick Tinney, Managing Partner of Centroid Training.

Patrick Tinney, put me through Centroid Training’s “Sales Essentials Program”. He helped me discover how to sell and negotiate more effectively to my Engineering marketplace. Patrick also helped me add more energy into my personal brand which is so vital when approaching new business partners. Patrick’s approach to program follow-up can only be described as holistic. He understands that growing a business is challenging and he was right there with me offering a myriad of sales management suggestions to keep our company ploughing forward. I can easily recommend Patrick Tinney, Managing Partner of Centroid Training!

Patrick Tinney delivered a sales training program titled “How To Become A First Call Media Supplier” to a group of our daily newspapers recently. He spoke to our culture and sales objectives . Our sales teams gleaned constructive ideas they could implement right away. I am happy to recommend Patrick Tinney, Managing Partner of Centroid Training”. Very well done.

Patrick has delivered several Sales and Negotiation Webinars for our Association. He is collaborative in building content that is effective and appeals to our fast-paced newspaper industry. Patrick always takes the time to clearly understand our OCNA objective of consistently delivering above average value to our membership. I can easily recommend Patrick Tinney, Managing Partner of Centroid Training.

We recently hired Patrick Tinney of Centroid Training and we were very pleased with both his professionalism and energy. The session was very well received by our stakeholders, and a glowing 90% of the attendees believed the course had provided them with new tools to add to their next sale or negotiation. The overall session rated an 85% agree. Patrick was well organized, spent time understanding our needs and delivered an excellent program. We would certainly hire him again in the future.

Pat has an excellent sales training program and gave my sales team a half day session on consultative sales and negotiation. The program was tailored to fit our needs. I was very pleased with the scope of the program and the feedback from the team was very positive. I can easily recommend Centroid and the services Pat delivers.

I have always looked to Pat (as a co-worker and as a supplier) as a source of information and motivation. Pat is one of the best business mentors I have had the pleasure of working with over the past 20+ years. His wealth of knowledge, experience and enthusiasm will contribute directly to any company’s bottom line.

Centroid Training and Marketing’s consultative selling, prospecting and negotiation training seminars are tremendous! They’re well-organized and filled with information that can help anyone become a better seller. Pat Tinney’s passion for what he’s teaching and his engaging approach really helped me to grasp the concepts and gain a comprehensive understanding of the material. His knowledge of the sales and negotiation processes run deep, and his practical advice can easily be used in real- world situations. I highly recommend Pat Tinney’s coaching programs to anyone who is interested in making more money.

We negotiate every day in every situation we are in. During these challenging economic times, negotiating skills, understanding the components of the negotiation process and how to recognize and impact them, are critical for all business. Patrick Tinney of Centroid Negotiations brings real insight to the negotiation discussion, and practical ways to improve negotiation performance, confidence and results. The payback from his program is immediate.

Centroid provides an excellent overview of the negotiation process. Whether new to the game or taking a refresher course, this presentation covers the key elements to making a great deal. Especially valuable are the tips on good reconnaissance; in other words: know your client, know the market!

The most difficult part in any negotiation is closing the deal. After completing the Intermediate Sales Negotiation program with Centroid, I took a more systematic approach to sales closing. It helped me to see things more from the other party’s perspective. I now have more confidence asking for the business and closing the sale.

WaterFront Seafood Market has hired Centroid as a consultant on its major supplier negotiations. Centroid quickly crystallizes our options and strategies with keen observations and recommendations. Centroid gets the art and science of successful negotiations! We have benefited from the Centroid Negotiation System. Your company will too!

Centroid Consultative Sales and Negotiation Training approaches business at the highest level of professionalism.

Centroid Consultative Sales and Negotiation Training workshops exceeded my expectations. The materials are well organized, practical and very informative. The content is extremely relevant in today’s challenging marketplace.

I have known Patrick Tinney for over 20 years. His energy, humor and creative thinking are his core strength. His integrity and passion for his work makes him an integral part of any team. These attributes make him a natural for his vocation with Centroid Marketing.

“Had the chance to work closely with Pat on his Master Class. At the end of the program you go head to head with Pat on a negotiation. You realize the philosophy he has been preaching works. Highly recommend!”

Professional Services Testimonials

Patrick Tinney is amazing. He is simply an outstanding individual both personally and professionally. On the professional level he is one of the hardest working individuals I know. He is oozing with interesting experiences, wisdom and insights relating to sales and that makes him a tremendous resource and business coach.


If you're not familiar with Patrick, he is the author of two bestselling books that I highly recommend: Unlocking Yes & Perpetual Hunger. Patrick is an expert in sales and negotiating and has gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Walmart and other commercial giants. You won't find more real-world expertise anywhere. Patrick's wisdom is practical and real-world. His guidance comes experience and the world of hard knocks. When he speaks and coaches, audiences instantly resonate he and his message because it rings with his deep experience. He is an absolute master of the win-win philosophy and every interaction with him proves that he applies that principle in both his personal and business life.


On the personal side Patrick is both humble and honest. He is authentic and a straight shooter. What you see is what you get. He has a real core sense of what is right and wrong. Somewhere out there is a very proud mother & father and his family is the beneficiary. He is 100% authentic in his desire to genuinely help and serve others. He leads with compassion and it is contagious.


Patrick Tinney is a unique and rare package and I consider myself very fortunate to know and work with him. To those that might consider utilizing his services as a speaker, trainer or coach I offer my highest recommendation. Your investment will be returned many times over.

Sales is 1 part mindset and 1 part strategy. No matter what part you need to work on, Patrick can help you get there. He'll get you out of your head and get you motivated and focused to execute your game plan that works. Just one conversation with him and you will download incredible amounts of ACTIONABLE information that you can put to work immediately. Especially when it comes to negotiating your worth before you get to the money conversation with your prospects. He's worth the investment.

I was thinking the other day how Patrick Tinney and I got to be friends and it all started when my kids bought me his two sales books “Unlocking Yes: Sales Negotiation Lessons & Strategy” and “Perpetual Hunger: Sales Prospecting Lessons & Strategy for my birthday.” I am an avid reader of sales books and have over 400 in my personal library. After reading both of Patrick’s books I commented on one of his posts and to my surprise he phoned me and the friendship started. I have only two authors ever phone me Patrick was one and Steven J. Schwartz he wrote How to make a hot sales call (also an awesome sales book). Now Patrick and I talk a couple times a month on the phone about sales, life, and family. He is perhaps one of my favorite people to talk to. Being both around the same age we have a ton in common. When he and I started in sales, we wrote stuff down and had invoice books, boy has the world changed in 40 years. The only thing that really has not changed is how you treat people and grow relationships. In a nut shell this is exactly what sales is all about. Patrick’s books break the sales process down into easy digestible pieces. Which I think is an art. Patrick like me understands if you make it complicated no one learns it or gets past chapter one. He has written both books so you are able to underline key points and go back to them and review the process. I always think of it like watching Mr. Rogers with my children when they were small, he had the ability to take a complicated big subject down to a level that kids learned from it without being confused. Sounds easy but truly it is an art both Mr. Rogers and Mr. Tinney have mastered. Without a hesitation I would gladly refer Patrick Tinney to any sales organization wanting to improve their sales people’s performance. His vast sales experience truly makes him a master at sales.

Patrick is an awesome business coach. He is an expert in sales prospecting and negotiations. His two sales books "Perpetual Hunger" and "Unlocking Yes" are classics. Both read together, a sales rep will become a sales pro. In addition, he has many articles, videos, and posts on LinkedIn. Although he freely shares his tactics, strategies, insights, and wisdom on this platform, your best investment would be to hire him as your personal coach. If you're an entrepreneur or business executive with opportunities to significantly grow your business, but having challenges and obstacles in growing your market and profitabilty, having Patrick on your side will help your company thrive. He is intense in his work ethic helping you win and make money, but he is also a compassionate leader and human being. If there was a person illustrated as a trusted advisor in the dictionary, Patrick Tinney would be on it.

When Patrick Tinney calls you will end up talking for a half hour and he will leave you feeling like you were on for 5 minutes. That's one of the strengths of a master negotiator. He leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on any challenge. Twice, I have talked with him prior to negotiating with prospective clients. Both times ended in orders and win, win, win, win situations.


The prospects, the company, and I were all happy. The fourth 'win' was Patrick putting another feather under his cap. Patrick's firm, Centroid Training and Markting, from Peterborough, Ontario, can take your process driven sales team and widen the mouth of the funnel. His books, taken alone, unlock the yeses without the guesses.


Using clever training methods your team will increase their top and bottom lines. It is no wonder that as of today, May 7, 2019, the revised version of his first runaway success, Unlocking Yes, is down to seven copies at Amazon with more already coming. Isn't it time that your business made more money. Get Patrick's help today.

When Patrick Tinney calls you will end up talking for a half hour and he will leave you feeling like you were on for 5 minutes. That's one of the strengths of a master negotiator. He leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on any challenge. Twice, I have talked with him prior to negotiating with prospective clients. Both times ended in orders and win, win, win, win situations.


The prospects, the company, and I were all happy. The fourth 'win' was Patrick putting another feather under his cap. Patrick's firm, Centroid Training and Markting, from Peterborough, Ontario, can take your process driven sales team and widen the mouth of the funnel. His books, taken alone, unlock the yeses without the guesses.


Using clever training methods your team will increase their top and bottom lines. It is no wonder that as of today, May 7, 2019, the revised version of his first runaway success, Unlocking Yes, is down to seven copies at Amazon with more already coming. Isn't it time that your business made more money. Get Patrick's help today.

Patrick is truly a person who demonstrates a sincere interest in the people he coaches. My experiences with Patrick as a mentor and business coach result in practical and actionable tasks intended to produce behavioural change. I'm always impressed with his depth and breadth of knowledge as someone who has lived and learned from both success and failure all whole maintaining his humanity.

I have had the pleasure of knowing Pat for thirty years and worked with him a few times. The latest time was when I was President of CanWest Publishing and Pat was one of the key senior sales people. Pat is an outstanding sales individual who always strived to satisfy the company and his customer.

In my dealings with Patrick, he has been very driven, passionate and thorough in his approach. When key issues needed to be raised and to the appropriate level, including senior leaders, Patrick was clear, concise and action oriented. Patrick inspired others to take action and to make a difference.

Pat Tinney is a leading Canadian media professional with an outstanding track record of developing revenue generating initiatives and new business development strategies. He has delivered expert media solutions to many of the largest marketers in the US and Canada and has a unique combined knowledge of market research, demograph- ics, multi-media advertising strategies and editorial content development. He is also a seasoned negotiator and highly competent manager. He is an excellent mentor and advisor to his professional peers.

Patrick is an industry veteran. I know him as being knowledgeable, professional, in- novative, and a leader. With Patrick you want to listen and learn.

Patrick is a professional sales and marketing executive who possesses excellent com- munication and presentation skills. He has the ability to tackle complex sales issues and at the same time pay attention to important details. Always a top performer in the sales organization, he was assigned the most challenging accounts and was successful in his endeavors. I enjoyed his upbeat personality, energy, sense of humour and found him to be a great team player.

I worked with Patrick on national insert and advertising sales initiatives and on a corporate committee. I found him to be always professional, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He has a good grasp of the industry with particular strength in negotiating and sales presentation.

Patrick has tremendous knowledge of the newspaper publishing industry and be- cause of this he was a respected leader during the time we worked at Hollinger and CanWest. Patrick was able to solve customer issues with a high level of expertise and professionalism and was a key player in maintaining and growing insert revenues with national advertisers.

Pat has a service orientation that is second to none. He can be counted on to deliver a quality product and service on time, every time. He is flexible and easy to work with and I would highly recommend him as a reliable service provider.

My association with Patrick Tinney took place during the 1980s and 1990s during my tenure as retail advertising and major retail accounts manager with the Calgary Herald. During that period, we worked on numerous business proposals and presentations on behalf of the newspaper that were delivered to numerous Toronto-based major chain store advertising personnel as well as to various advertising agency media buyers.” Patrick’s assistance and advice in the preparation of various sales presentations was particularly important, as was his ability to secure appointments with various influential contacts within the retail community. His assistance behind the scenes was absolutely invaluable and resulted in much success in generating incremental business for the Southam newspaper group in general, and the Herald specifically. In short, Patrick’s dogged determination and diligence was the key ingredient in our success and his follow-up contact absolutely invaluable in maintaining strong ties with key category personnel. I would not hesitate in recommending Patrick for any task or position requiring careful analysis, detailed project planning and superb presentation skills. His professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm appear boundless and he would be an excellent asset to any group or individual requiring his expertise.

Pat is a seasoned business professional that truly understands long-term business relationships and negotiating win/win solutions that nurture highly successful business partnerships over time. His ability to grow new business and build rapport is top notch and his expertise would prove beneficial to any company choosing his services.

“Patrick Tinney is a powerhouse...His inimitable expertize aided by his comprehensively encompassing knowledge about the "Sales dynamic" has chiselled his professional persona to an altaltissimo...

He doesn't work at an impressionable or "face-value" level.He rolls his sleeves up, immaculately peels of layer after layer and hits pay dirt...

He delivers value beyond expectation and commitment...

He is "IT"...” 

“If you are looking to improve your communication skills, Patrick is the man for you.

Patrick is always learning and implementing new ways to communicate with clients. This includes how to communicate with clients the value of your products/services provided, how to make your clients feel valued and important and many more.

In a short amount of time Patrick has changed my thought process on my communication with my clients.”

“Patrick is a wealth of knowledge in Sales Coaching as well as Negotiations and overall planning. His warmth and engaging personality blend with his decades of in-the-trenches experience to create a tremendous learning opportunity. If you need help in any aspect of Sales, I strongly recommend you purchase his books and/or reach out directly to him for coaching advice. You will see a positive return on your investment!”

“Patrick Tinney reached out to me after viewing a video pitch I made. Within a few lines of communication it became obvious we were kindred spirits from two very different tax brackets. It's rare when a person of his status - four decades in sales and a trifecta of best-selling books - takes the time to give praise and offers to jump on a coaching call. Words coupled by action to help underscore the power of the work I'm putting out in this world and to keep me believing in it. I know his clients are very lucky to have this titan in their corner, negotiating on their behalf.”

“Patrick Tinney is an extraordinary leader. His main focus is helping others feel empowered, inspired, and motivated to make a difference in the world with their products and services. He does this through his books. He is the author of not one but three books and I am sure by the time I finish this recommendation another one is on its way! He has the ability to make sales a mental activity that is changing the world. Thank you for making sales be just a path to an agreement with a win/win for all concerned.”

“Patrick Tinney is an outstanding Sales coach and connector. Patrick is incredibly intentional about getting to the heart of what keeps Sales people from going to the next level. He uses practical wisdom wrapped in his years of experience to craft perfect solution tailored specifically to help that individuals succeed at their highest potential level.

As an author, Patrick's books textbooks chocked full of practicality and relatability that the greenest of Sales people all the way to the most seasoned will glean insight.

In writing my first book, People Buy From People, Patrick's expertise was so vital to its completion. He took time to walk me through a process, help me understand better what I was doing and was an Intentional Encourager from start to finish.

I am grateful to call Patrick Tinney a friend.”

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